Orokonui Ecosanctuary





Flights of fancy bring birders to Dunedin

04/11/2019 ODT Takahe on the move

07/10/2019 ODT Sanctuary plays host to mistletoe

05/10/2019 ODT Ecosanctuary setting for film

30/09/2019 ODT The healing power of nature

09/09/2019 ODT Water of life

29/08/2019 ODT Response to fossils in paper

27/08/2019 ODT Father's Day - Spend time with Mother Nature this Father's Day

14/08/2019 ODT Sticking to scientific method wins

11/08/2019 ODT Micro roaster a big idea

05/08/2019 ODT Minister visits rare kiwi chicks at Orokonui

05/08/2019 ODT Heart-stopping call of the kiwi

03/08/2019 ODT 'Fantastic' encounter elicits kiwi creche praise

30/07/2019 ODT What's On @ Otago Museum 

22/07/2019 ODT Rare robin snapped in Ross Creek

19/07/2019 ODT Robin sighting offers hope

16/07/2019 ODT One-size-fits-all focus will diminish us

08/07/2019 ODT ORC mapping biodiversity to help habitat protection

03/06/2019 ODT Shared sense of sanctuary

06/05/2019 ODT Spreading enthusiasm and knowledge

22/04/2019 ODT Artists' work to hit streets

15/04/2019 ODT Easter orchid lures with its fragrance

04/03/2019 ODT Skinks thriving in ecosanctuary

04/02/2019 ODT Taken - the Bung-eye story

29/01/2019 ODT Connect to nature at Orokonui

30/11/2018 ODT Doc blames bad parents for deaths

28/11/2018 ODT Pupils share their findings on backyard wildlife

05/11/2018 ODT Kaka stealing the Orokonui spotlight

08/10/2018 ODT Return of the robins

10/092018  ODT Boom, boom, Sirocco quite the entertainer

09/09/2018 ODT Sirocco at Orokonui Ecosanctuary

08/09/2018 ODT Sirocco swans into town

03/09/2018 ODT One prominent parrot

14/08/2018 ODT Sirocco to visit Orokonui again

06/08/2018 ODT The dance of the takahe

09/07/2018 ODT Traditional Maori kites part of cultural workshop

09/07/2018 ODT  A dog's life

04/06/2018  ODT Nature by night

07/05/2018 ODT Corporate help secures future

02/05/2018 ODT Call for 'conversation' about cats

01/05/2018 ODT Kiwi's close encounter at Orokonui

27/04/2018 ODT  Thankful takahe jail bird to support work

22/04/2018 ODT  High flying and backyard conservation

21/04/2018 ODT  Big turnout for Wild Dunedin opening

18/04/2018  ODT  Wild Dunedin - Feast of events in festival these school holidays

09/04/2018  ODT  Food for thought

16/03/2018  ODT  Terrier's work done - ecosanctuary free of stoats

01/03/2018  ODT  Rare kiwi under care of Wildlife Hospital

05/02/2018  ODT  Lessons in fossicking

17/12/2017  ODT  Connect to nature at Orokonui

14/12/2017  ODT  Ecosanctuary finds viable tuatara eggs

04/12/2017  ODT  How much do you know about our wildlife?

14/11/2017  ODT  Orokonui home to two more kiwi

06/11/2017  ODT  Getting back to nature

01/11/2017  ODT  First chick proves dad's got the goods

09/10/2017  ODT  Can we eradicate? Yes we can!

19/09/2017  ODT  Deal means security for ecosanctuary

04/09/2017  ODT  The many paths back to Eden

18/08/2017  ODT  Orokonui tuatara alive and well after downpour

13/08/2017  ODT  St Leonards has outdoor plans

07/08/2017  ODT  The science of Orokonui

06/07/2017  ODT  Ecosanctuary now has a little moa for families

03/07/2017  ODT  Sniffing out the skinks

30/06/2017  ODT  Helping to save our native birds

05/06/2017  ODT  In their nature

13/05/2017  ODT  Plan to coax native birds back to NEV

08/05/2017  ODT  New hope in foster chicks

02/05/2017  ODT  Jackson-Grammar wins Orokonui Challenge

29/04/2017  ODT  Orokonui Challenge race ready to run with full field

11/04/2017  ODT  Dressed to impress

03/04/2017  ODT  A whisper of moths

31/03/2017  ODT  Ecosanctuary run challenging route

26/03/2017  ODT  Benefits flow from water tank

17/03/2017  ODT  Pest trap shown at MoU function

04/03/2017  Noosa News  Wonderland awaits just outside Dunedin

04/03/2017  ODT  Moa returns to Orokonui Valley

13/02/2017  ODT  Families have fun at ecosanctuary

06/02/2017  ODT  Calls of the wild

23/12/2017  ODT  National Geographic' exposure in China

16/12/2016  ODT  Tuatara population bolstered

05/12/2016  ODT  An orchid obsession

01/12/2016  ODT  Project reveals large range of meandering cats

22/11/2016  ODT  Recent arrival at Orokonui Ecosanctuary

12/11/2016  ODT  Kaka spreading from ecosanctuary need support

11/11/2016  Checkpoint with John Campbell - Miracle Chick for Infertile Takahe Couple

07/11/2016  ODT  All the young ecologists

19/10/2016  ODT  Takahe egg swap bears surprising fruit

05/09/2016  ODT  Fungi fills the forest

18/08/2016  Checkpoint with John Campbell - A happy, dancing kiwi. Just what everyone needs to see.

08/08/2016  ODT  Love and ruffled feathers

04/08/2016  CheckPoint with John Campbell  - Chirp, Chirp, Chirp, Chirp!

05/08/2016            Orokonui Ecosanctuary Dunedin

27/07/2016  BBC  Sirocco the flightless parrot and his human brother

22/07/2016  ODT  Hopes of bettering kiwi experience

04/07/2016  ODT  Camaraderie of the trap setters

10/06/2016  ODT  Pupil’s project aiding ecosanctuary

09/06/2016  ODT  Photography success continues

06/06/2016  ODT  Preparing a classic kiwi meal

28/05/2016  ODT  Otago looks good at architecture biennale

24/05/2016  ODT  Kiwi chicks released

19/05/2016  ODT  Possums in spotlight

11/05/2016  ODT  Ecosanctuary finalist in awards 

09/05/2016  ODT  Aiding reptile revival

08/05/2016  ODT  Ecosanctuary pest bid going public

26/04/2016  ODT  Dunedin nature festival 'an absolute triumph'

04/04/2016  ODT  Experience the natural world

26/03/2016   ODT  Young kiwi doing well

07/03/2016   ODT  Orokonui Graduates go Wild

08/02/2016   ODT  The tale of a stoat

27/01/2016   ODT  Takahe take to new home

22/01/2016   ODT  Hunt on for importer of NZ’s 'worst animal'

22/01/2016   ODT  10 kiwi chicks released into stoat-free sanctuary

10/01/2016   ODT  Chance to study rare lizard

17/12/2015   ODT  Children suggest takahe chick names

10/12/2015   ODT  Kiwi take a walk on the wild side

07/12/2015   ODT  Takahe programme breeds success

16/11/2015   ODT  Stoats killed at Orokonui Ecosanctuary

09/11/2015   ODT  Nest best thing

08/11/2015   ODT  Suitably attired for a royal occasion

06/11/2015   ODT  Excited crowds greet Royals in Dunedin

05/11/2015   ODT  Dunedin turns out to welcome Royals

05/11/2015   ODT  Royal visit: Best vantage point, road closures

31/10/2015   ODT  Volunteer modest winner

30/10/2015   ODT  Royal couple to visit Dunedin attractions