How Shipping works on this website

Shipping is calculated from a combination of Product information (weight, dimensions, and type of product, i.e. books or coffee beans) and Customer location (i.e. North Island, South Island, rural, Australia, etc.)

In Woocommerce > Settings:

Above, you can see the Shop Location. This is important, and all Shipping is calculated outward from this point. The actual shop address must be accurate, for example the city above cannot be Dunedin or Ōtepoti, because the address finder associates the postcode 9081 with Waitati.

Below, we can see in the Shipping tab, the Shipping Zones:

Clicking into one of these Shipping Zones, we can see the Zone Name, the Zone Regions as Postcodes, and the Shipping Methods. It is the Postcodes that help figure out the Customer location. So when a Customer enters a Postcode in their address field, the Shipping calculator uses one of the Shipping Methods that is associated with that Postcode:

Clicking on the first Shipping Method in the list above, we see that this is for Coffee Beans within the price range of $44 – $48, so it must be four deliveries, and this Shipping Zone is North Island rural:

The Shipping Cost is estimated to be $11 per delivery, and there are four deliveries, so the total cost for Shipping will be $44, multiplied by the number of orders – *[qty]

Also, above you can see that this is only for the Shipping Class called ‘Coffee Beans’.

Let’s look at the Shipping Classes:

We can attach a Shipping Class to a Product:

In the case of Coffee Beans, the Shipping is calculated ONLY on the Shipping Class, and not on the weight or dimensions of the product.

However, for books and other products, the weight and dimensions are used to calculate shipping.