Track Information

Within our fence there are more than 10km of tracks to explore. Tracks go through many different forest types and wildlife habitats and there is a track for all ages and abilities. Click here to view the walking track map.

You can enjoy our tracks on your own with self guided walking or get a more in depth experience with a tour of the forest with one of our expert guides.

Up to date information on whats happening in the sanctuary and what tracks might be best for you can be provided by staff during your visit. Check out a list of our tracks below.

Grasslands – Easy

The grasslands are the best place to see reptiles like the tuatara, moko kākāriki/jewelled gecko, and mokomoko/Otago skink. They are also home to one of our takahē pairs.

Kākā Track – Easy

This track is an easy walk along a flat path leading you into the forest and past some of our bird feeding stations. From the grasslands to the platform feeder takes 15 minutes and gives you great opportunities to see forest birds like kākā, kōkō/tūī and korimako/bellbirds as well as some of our ancient podocarp forest. This track is flat gravel and can be navigated by wheelchair. Continue past the platform feeder onto the Kōkō/Tūī Track for a 40/50 minute loop

Tūī Track – Easy

This track continues through our regenerating native forest and provides many opportunities to observe forest birds, plants, fungi and other wildlife.

Korimako / Bellbird Track – Medium

This track splits from the Kōkō/Tūī Track and takes you down to the clearing and the start of the Kakaruai/Robin Valley Track. It leads through some of the best old growth forest in Orokonui and has small side tracks with great examples of large miro, rimu, pōkākā and tōtara.

Mātātā/Fernbird Track – Easy

From the grasslands this track leads you through regenerating scrubland to meet up with our Kākā Track before it heads into the forest. This scrub is favourite habitat in Orokonui for mātātā/fernbird.

Butterfly Track – Easy

A short walk along this grassy track will take you to a special area which is being planted with the host and food plants that native butterflies need. These plants include native stinging nettle so don’t stray from the path! The area is marked by a carved macrocarpa post.

Pōkākā Loop Track – Medium

This 15 minute loop track from the Korimako/Bellbird Track contains not only old fruiting rimu and pōkākā trees but is also a great place for kākā to find invertebrates. Listen for the sound of falling vegetation as the kākā pair that frequent this area rip off loose pieces of bark or cut into a tree to obtain sap.

Aviary road – Easy

This track takes you from the sanctuary entry alongside our predator fence to our aviary. This aviary is often empty and is most commonly used for catching kākā for banding and occasionally holding kākā before their release into Orokonui.

Kakaruwai/Robin valley track – Hard

The track follows the Orokonui Stream, through a grove of tree ferns to New Zealand’s tallest tree, a Eucalypt. Walkers can exit through the self locking gate at the bottom of the Ecosanctuary. (A key is needed to re-enter). Please make sure that the gates are shut properly.

From this gate the DOC managed Orokonui Stream Track leads to a car park on Orokonui Road (20 minutes). Follow the yellow topped poles around the estuary. Turn right from the car park to get to Waitati.

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