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 flora and archer

Archer & Flora’s Bamboozled Brain-box Hearts Growin Tour 2020

Archer (Aus) the ill-fated explorer of the interior recesses of the embattled  brain-box, returns to New Zealand, the land of the birds to re-learn the art of  dreaming.  Songs will be sung, ideas will be exchanged, brains will be bamboozled  and hearts will grow.

Archer​ will be joined by New  Zealand’s old time fiddler ​Flora Knight ​(previously of The Eastern, Flora Knight  and Sean Donald), recently returned from a sojourn in Oklahoma, USA, soaking  in the intricacies of traditional American music and craft, Flora is back touring  New Zealand with a bounty of new tunes and stories!  

Tickets $20 each. Call us at 03 4821755 to purchase or click here to book 

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Credit: Giverny Forbes