Guided Tours

Each Guided Tour at Orokonui is both a Product and a Booking. Let’s look at one:

From the Dashboard, go to Products > All Products, and select the Category ‘Walks and Tours’, and click the Filter button:

We can see two guided tour Products:

Let’s look at ‘Orokonui Highlights – 1 hour guided tour’. Clicking on that Product takes us to:

In the middle screenshot, we can see that the product is a ‘Bookable Product’, that it is Virtual (which means it is not a physical product that can be shipped), and that it has Persons (for Adult, Child, Family).

Also, this Product has been created in Vend, and the Product Short Description has carried through from the product in Vend.

We can also see that the Booking duration is a fixed block of 1 hour, and that the booking can be cancelled by the customer until 31 minutes before the guided tour commences.

Lets look at the blue sections down the left side of the product:

We only need to modify Availability, Costs, and Persons.


This is the set-up for two bookable one hour time blocks, one starting at 11.30am, the other starting at 1.30pm. From the top, you can see that this bookable product has a maximum of 1000 bookings per time and day, that the minimum time bookable is one hour, and the days available are Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.


In Costs, you can see there are no costs attached. Below is the product in Vend:

You can see there is no Price in the Vend product. The cost depends on how many visitors take part in the tour.


Below we can see that the minimum persons is two, and the maximum persons is 10. Also, you can see that each person incurs a booking cost.

Expanding each of the Person Types, we can see that the Booking Cost is in the field ‘Block Cost’. This means that each of the Block Costs add together to make the total cost of the booking. So if there were 2 adults, the cost would be $70. Two adults and one child would be a cost of $87.50.

If you need to add a Guided Tour product, or another bookable product, you can Duplicate one of the existing bookable products. In Products, hover your mouse or pointer over the product, and choose ‘Duplicate’