Managing Bookings

Bookings are virtual products, which means they are not physical products, and they cannot be shipped.

To view Bookings from the Dashboard:

Below we can see two Test Bookings:

There are some actions that you can do here:

Above, we can Confirm, Cancel, or Trash bookings, or mark as Paid.

Clicking into an individual booking:

Here you can see the booking has been made for one Adult, one Child, and one Senior/Student (10% discount), and that the Guided Tour starts at 11am on 26 Dec 2022. You can also see the customer’s contact details in the right sidebar.

You can also manage the Booking from here, for example, after you have checked the details are correct, you can Confirm the Booking:

You can see all Bookings in the Calendar view. From the Dashboard, choose Calendar:

Choose the Month view:

Above, we can see all the Bookings within a month.

We can filter by specific bookable products: