Dusk Tours

With each passing day the ngahere is changing – manu are finishing the nesting season, the raupeka/easter orchid is flowering, and the calls of young kākā fill the forest! Meanwhile our nocturnal species are lively as ever…

Want to experience it for yourself? We are excited to be yet again offering a limited run of Orokonui Dusk Tours for 2023!

Join our night guides to learn about the flora and fauna that thrive in te pō. In a single group of only 10 people, visitors will experience Orokonui outside public hours, and instead find themselves amongst the nocturnal life of the forest – a world of unique invertebrates, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and birds! 

Not only are these tours a unique opportunity to be in Orokonui after dark, all proceeds go straight back to protecting the precious wildlife or Orokonui.

We have limited spaces available for our Autumn dusk tour run. Click below to book your tour.

Please note children under 12 must be booked into one of our kids tours.