Education Programmes

Plant ecology and physiology studies led by Otago University specialists, multi-day programme with sleepover options. Tasks and assessment schedules pre-written and trialed. RAMS and SOPs included: Bio 2.1, 3.1, 2.3 and 2.6.

Curriculum based for years 1-13

Journey into our Forest of Knowledge …Look no further for dynamic hands on learning adventures in Science, Social Studies, Maths and Technology.

Birds, Birds, Birds!
Unravel forest food webs, discover avian adaptations and the fate of flight. Meet endangered birds while examining ecological processes and why some species are extinct. Actions Include native bird surveys and how to attract native birds to your place

Close up on kiwi
Celebrate the return of kiwi to Otago after 130 years of localised extinction! Delve into the evolutionary history, cultural significance and present day status of our iconic treasure. Learn how Orokonui supports the Haast Tokoeka, the rarest kiwi of all, to thrive and breed. Actions include night tours and animal tracking

Endangered Biodiversity
What is Biodiversity and why must we protect it at all costs? Journey back through 85 million years of evolutionary isolation to identify unique conservation strategies for endangered species in Aotearoa today. Actions include Biodiversity surveys and community action planning