Reptiles and Frogs


Tuatara are the last remaining member of an ancient order of reptiles seperate to lizards. Although over 100 tuatara call Orokonui home its best to look out for the one in the grasslands enclosure on a warm day. Read about the research we are doing on tuatara here

Otago Skink

One of the largest and most threatened lizards in Aotearoa. Look out for them basking in their grasslands enclosure.

Moko Kākāriki / Jewelled Gecko

Each gecko has a different pattern. How many of these cryptic lizards can you spot in the enclosure?

Tussock Skink

Tussock skinks can be seen scuttling along the edges of paths and open areas. When protected their numbers can grow quickly.

Kōrero Gecko

A nocturnal species, that occasionally basks in the day. Their name refers the the way this species speaks with a chirping noise.

Green Skink

Reintroduced to Orokonui in 2016. Green skinks bask cryptically, preferring to hang out in areas with more vegetation than some other species.

Herbfield Skink

Part of the cryptic skink complex this skink can be hard to make out from other similar species. Initially this species was thought to be absent from Orokonui until it was detected in monitoring.

Brown Tree Frog

The chirping call of this Australian frog is common in wet areas of Orokonui in the late evening.

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