#KākāCam now live

Ever thought your favourite reality TV show could do with more screeching and flapping? We are super excited to announce #KākāCam is now live!

Port Otago and Orokonui Ecosanctuary are this week launching Kākā Cam, a 24/7 camera situated deep in the sanctuary and focused on a busy feeding station.

A kākā gets up close and personal to check out the new camera.

The camera is a sister to Valley Cam, which is attached to the ecosanctuary’s visitor centre and overlooks the Orokonui Valley towards the mountain Māpounui.

Setting up this camera wasn’t without its challenges though. This launch itself was delayed by the kākā deciding the camera and transmitter were new toys put out just for them. Unfortunately, the same beak that makes them so great at ripping up trees seems to be also useful and camera dismantlement.

The feeding station is one of five within the 307-hectare fenced ecosanctuary and is designed especially so kākā and nectar-feeding birds can access it, but blackbirds and sparrows cannot. The stations contain a special parrot pellet, replenished daily, and act as a hub of social activity.

Acting Port Otago Chief Executive Grant Bicknell* says it’s great to see the second camera up and running. “We had a clear goal to deploy livestreaming technology that could take the Orokonui experience out into the wider community. It’s been worth the wait, to ensure the streaming is reliable and bulletproof – or, in this case, kākā proof. We predict Kākā Cam will become a popular source of entertainment for adults and children, alike. The bird song alone is worth a listen.”

GPD Productions Director George Dawes has led the work. “Bringing the Kākā Cam to life has been a fantastic project, and after a few teething problems, or maybe pecking problems, we’re ready to go live. It’s great to help showcase Orokonui’s work and make it available to a wider audience.” 

Thank you to fellow Orokonui sponsor Unifone, which generously increased the bandwidth capacity to the ecosanctuary at no extra cost, enabling the livestream to be possible.

Check out the Kākā Cam here, and share it with your friends and whānau.